Providing telehealth technology to allow people the chance to safely & securely live independently

On average, telehealth reduced care costs by 33% during year-long studies performed by Virginia based non-profit organizations



Remote Monitoring

Currently technology and internet of things (IOT) allows health professionals the ability to safely and securely monitor clients.

Remote Equipment

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Wireless vital monitoring devices determined based on the needs of each individual. Equipment can include: Blood Pressure, Glucose, Weight Scale, Motion Sensors, Personalized Reminders, Home/Away Buttons, & Emergency Help.

The equipment is monitored and managed by a 24/7 hotline that provides encouragement calls and text messaging while allowing access for families and doctors.

Trend & Predictive Analysis

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The key metrics for each equipment per client is archived and tracked. Machine learning algorithms and neural networks analyze the information based on medical doctor’s recommendations and input. Any anomolies or variations in the data are brought to the attention of the client (or their loved ones).

Trend and predictive analysis are also used to eliminate hospital readmission in high risk patients.



ENG Care VA’s technology has changed our lives and that of our clients. The clients love the equipment while the families love the safety net it provides. Thank you for keeping us safe and secure!”